My Cat Saved My Life

If we are lucky, at least once in our lifetime we will share our life with a special cat. A cat who chatters with opinions and personality. A cat who makes it clear to us that their relationship with us, and ours with them, is an important thing not to be taken lightly. A cat who occasionally imparts wisdom.

Phillip Schreibman lived with such a cat. Her name was Alice. She was a stray tabby kitten who wandered into Schreibman's life at a time when the Toronto composer was paralyzed by grief at the loss of his two parents.

Schreibman had other cats. But Alice was special. She was one of those cats who tiptoes into your soul at a time when one's soul is in a particularly delicate state. Like a feather toy, she batted Shreibman's soul around, pulled out the stuffing, then settled in with squattership rights. She was the carefree magic that pulled him out of his malingering grief.

If we are lucky we will all have at least one special cat like this in our life. A cat who pulls us through a bad time, a cat who turns around our thinking. If you are reading this, you probably have had such a cat already. That's why you will enjoy this book. It is a delicate, evocative story of a man and his cat, and the good things that come of their relationship. The book is beautifully done and lovingly written, but the best thing about it is how it will echo in your life, if you are a cat lover, and remind you of that special cat you've had.

-- Judy Heim, Author of Internet for Cats

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