My Cat Saved My Life

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"...a breakthrough... an astonishing interspecies love story for the 21st Century."

-- David Rosenberg, best-selling author of The Book of J

"A tale of gratitude and hope"

-- Jim Coyle, Columnist, THE TORONTO STAR, October 6, 1998.

"'s a book to treasure."

-- Judy Creighton, THE CANADIAN PRESS, June 23, 1999.

"...a most unexpected work."

-- Christopher Simpson, Books in Review, WHAT'S ON QUEEN, August 10, 1999.

"...this book is a must read..."

-- Roger Fouts, Author of Next of Kin: What Chimpanzees Have Taught Me About Who We Are

"As reader and reviewer, I melted alongside Phillip on his journey with Alice, the cat."

-- Bodhi Tree Book Review, Issue Number 20, Winter 1998 /Spring 1999

"...beautifully done and lovingly will echo in your life..."

-- Judy Heim, Author of Internet for Cats


"This is a must read for people who are trying to understand the essence of the human to other animal relationship. It is a story about a pure symbiotic relationship between one animal and another. Schreibman is brilliant in conveying that the presence of a companion animal in peoples' lives is significant enough to change them."

-- Dr. Cindy L. Adams, Associate Professor, Ontario Veterinary College, Client Relations Specialist

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